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Terms and Conditions

This site will provide you with secure access to systems that are part of the Florida Web Systems Portal including the DCF Background Screening System. Once you successfully self-register and receive your unique user name to the Background Screening System, you will be allowed to manage your own password.

We respect the privacy of all system users. It is a Department priority to ensure your information is handled with regard to data privacy and security. This Privacy Statement explains how the Department of Children and Families will use the information submitted to the site.

Please note that some sites that are accessed through this portal may contain links to other internet sites. This privacy statement does not govern all of these sites. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the privacy policies of any site you visit.

This Agreement Covers

This Agreement governs your use of any information, content, products, services, transactions, and other features available on or through this web site now or in the future. It applies to any online access or use by you, whether you access the site through any Department of Children and Families URL addresses, electronic mail, link from another web site, or any other means.

Accepting this Agreement

By using the Florida Web Systems Portal, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not accept the Agreement, you may not use Florida Web Systems Portal to access any of our online systems.


Users are authenticated when logging in to the Florida Web Systems Portal by directly entering their user name and password through single sign on access.


Systems within the Florida Web Systems Portal do not use "cookies" (small text files stored in a user's browser) to identify users when they connect to the site.

Usage Tracking

To ensure the Florida Web Systems Portal site is well managed; we may use web tracking devices to capture aggregate and individual user information. We may use this information to identify users by items such as IP address, user name, domain, and browser type. We may also collect information about user behavior, such as date and time of visit, pages browsed and downloaded, and frequency and length of visits. This information will assist us in gaining a better understanding of how users utilize the Florida Web Systems Portal, and how to improve the site. The information collected is reported to our Webmasters who use it only for Florida Web Systems Portal administration.

Information Use and Sharing

The information submitted to any system within the Florida Web Systems Portal is only to be used for necessary business purposes, such as contacting, communications, and information sharing.

Where necessary to comply with applicable legal requests, user information may be disclosed to law enforcement or other government agencies.

Access to Information

The Florida Web Systems Portal is dedicated to providing an opportunity to access and review your information, appropriate to your user credentials, as well as add or correct any inaccuracies it may contain. In all cases, we will treat requests to access information or change information in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Registration and Eligible Accounts

To register in and use the Florida Web Systems Portal, you will be asked various questions to help individually identify you as a user. If you do not supply required information to establish a user account you will not be able to access any system within the Florida Web Systems Portal.

Revoked Accounts

Failure to abide by the Terms and Conditions can result in your Florida Web Systems Portal account being revoked. This action can be taken at the discretion of the Department at any time Accounts can be revoked for the following reasons:
  • Misuse of information
  • Change in circumstances
  • Attempts to compromise the integrity of this system
  • Other reasons as defined by the Department of Children and Families
Information Security

Although we have in place reasonable commercial standards of technology and operational security to protect your information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction, the transmission of data over the Internet by its nature entails the use of systems under the control of third parties, and as a result the Florida Web Systems Portal does not control the security of such systems.

Use of the Florida Web Systems Portal requires a computer and Internet access connected through an Internet Service Provider with a Web browser (for example, Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).

To prevent unauthorized access to your Florida Web Systems Portal account, you agree to keep your user name, password, challenge questions, and any other security or access information confidential. We recommend that you memorize your user information and do not write it down. You agree not to give or otherwise make available your user information to any unauthorized individual.

If you believe the security of your password or any other access information has been compromised in any way (for example, your password has been lost or stolen, someone has attempted to use a system under your user name without your consent, or your account has been accessed), you must notify us IMMEDIATELY.

Under certain circumstances, we may deny your access to any one or more system(s) or any part thereof, in order to maintain or restore security or performance. We may do so if we reasonably believe your user information has been or may be obtained or is being or may be used by an unauthorized person(s). We may try to notify you in advance, but cannot guarantee we will do so.

Service Hours and Interruptions in Service

Systems within the Florida Web Systems Portal are generally available for your use 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However, from time to time, we may perform maintenance upon or experience hardware, software or other problems resulting in interrupted service, delays, or errors. We may try to notify you in advance, but cannot guarantee we will do so.

Changes to Web Systems Portal

To continue to provide you with a valuable service, we may revise, update, discontinue, or otherwise modify, temporarily or permanently, part or all of the Florida Web Systems Portal (including, but not limited to, systems within the Florida Web Systems Portal, this Agreement, the services or features offered, and any materials related therein), or your access thereto, at any time. We will attempt to notify you in advance of any material changes, but cannot guarantee we will do so. Notice may be provided via a number of methods (to be chosen by us), including messages at log in, secure message, or messages sent to postal or e-mail addresses in our records.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

This privacy statement may be modified or amended at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained herein is intended to create a contract or agreement between the Department of Children and Families and any user providing information of any kind.